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‚‚BAUSCH + LOMB Improved visibility @ POS

BAUSCH + LOMB – Platzierungsoptimierung

Every now and then, your sales team might need a fresh boost of energy. Objective in this customer project was a considerable improvement of visibility of the core brand @POS. i.e. the pharmacies. We developed a compelling line of argumentation, which was seamlessly integrated into the sales reps pitch. This fresh approach was trained in an inspiring F2F events though out an entire year. We also provided a B2B sales folder which included an interactive element, ensuring a lasting effect @ the POS for the core brand of our client.


The Challenge our client faced was one common to the industry: Getting their brands faster, easier & cheaper on-time to the 1.000s of pharmacies. We orchestrated a cross functional team from marketing & sales which was the key to meeting everyone’s expectations, while improving the overall objectives of the company. Using only a few core documents and a streamlined long-term planning process helped avoid the expensive, short term activities. Through this project, time to market improved, stock levels were reduced, and the organization felt well prepared for implementing future POS activities.


Tebonin Prozessoptimierung

Schwabe Groups‘ core brand Tebonin® is experiencing continued strong sales growth. We contributed by developing and implementing a marketing excellence initiative for six European countries. Together with the marketing managers, we introduced new tools for creating more competitive media- & marketing plans based on superior consumer understanding. The organization is now well prepared for a more efficient use of their budgets.


From the analysis it was obvious, that the Merz hair-growth brand Pantovigar® required in-person training and communication in PANTOVIGAR® SALES-PARTNERSHIP From the analysis it was obvious, that the Merz hair-growth brand Pantovigar® required in-person training and communication in German pharmacies. Easier said than done without having a sales force available or having understood that lease salesforces also come with downsides. The Sellution in this case was reaching out to our extensive network and connecting Merz/ Pantovigar® with Dr. Kade Pharmaceuticals from Berlin. Their fruitful cooperation is now in place for almost 5 years, generating revenues for both parties. A true Win-Win.


Traditional Marketing focused on a Pull Strategy with a heavy ATL campaign in TV and Print

Analysis showed that this approach was less and less efficient because of the influence on buyers in the pharmacies. We developed a dedicated POS expert team with a focus on sell-out and customer loyalty. No. 1 priority of the newly created team is taking care of the pharmacies, listening to their needs and while doing so, improving knowledge & recommendation for GSK brands.


Together with the pharmacy staff and based on extensive analysis, we built a unique positioning for the pharmacy. Which we implemented through local, targeted, direct to consumer communication.

Dr. Becker Marketing Exzellenz



Dr. Gustav Klein – Schwarzwaldheilkräuter
Dr. Gustav Klein – Schwarzwaldheilkräuter. Wirksam seit 1946

160 years anniversary of the Emser® brand

Emser Pastillen® – Tradition neu inszeniert
Emser Pastillen® – Tradition neu inszeniert

Revised Brand Strategy & Communication

Wobenzym® – POS Apotheke saisonal genutzt
Wobenzym® – POS Apotheke saisonal genutzt

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