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From OTC to Tea:

Self-medication is our focus

Placing a yoghurt onto a cooling shelf is a completely different challenge than promoting a brand in the pharmacy market. Consumer Healthcare is our competence. Whether you plan to sell a OTC drug, a food-supplement, animal health products cosmetics or tea. As a owner managed boutique consultancy and communication agency, we personally take care to activate your brand in the right channels to the right people in the pharmacy business.

Looking for a fresh Inspiration?

When all your marketing and sales efforts do not generate the intended results, When sales of a well-established brand suddenly tank, its probably time for a fresh look into the matter.

Often external factors are at play – such as the recent changes in the pharmacy market; Strong competition and new competitors might affect your results. Sometimes your own teams’ view on your brand is a bit unclear, maybe activities are inconsistent, the brand failed adapting to the new era.   

We know these

This is the time for a new Sellution.

There are many reasons for a brand not meeting the ambition – Yet there are as many Sellutions. Do you need a new ­communication campaign? Or a new ­brand strategy? Perhaps ­it’s a creative ­POS activation to achieve the turn-around. Sometimes it’s even a new sales channel that brings in new clients.

You are the expert in your business, we add our external expertise.

Together we analyze the situation, define the right levers and define your individual & tailored Sellution.

Reach out to us!

We are committed to find your personal Sellution.

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