Healthcare Selektion

First, we listen – then we act!

The way to your Sellution:

We analyze your challenge not only from one perspective, but from all angles. A thorough analysis is the base for our consulting. The next – very important - element of your sellution, is the participation of all internal and external stakeholders. Their buy-in is relevant to achieve acceptance for potentially drastic changes required further down the road.

At the end of this process, we have built a clear strategy, guiding us through implementation. We have a clear framework for all measures, allowing us to get straight to the point: All tactical activities are focused, so they neither waste time nor your valuable resources. You lack some capacity for implementing the new strategy? Not an issue at all! At any time, we are happy to “get our hands dirty” and make things happen.

Listening &

Listening & Challenges do often have multiple facets.
We consider all of them:

  • The Clients’ view
  • the customers’ view
  • the consumers’ view
  • the HCPs’ view.

All aspects are reviewed until we find the “sweet spot” for your brand.

Change of Perspective &
Strategy Development

We adjust the typical sections of a Strategy:

Is done in interactive workshops

Marketing Excellence
Standardized Processes for better Marketing

Sales Activation
Improved sales effectiveness through trainings, sales cooperation or a revised Key Account Strategy

Communication concept
From Digital to POS materials

Getting our hands dirty &
getting things done

We complement your capacity and capabilities with our work and know-how.

In your organization, e.g.:
Media-Planning – Sales cooperation, Lease-Salesforce, Customer Service, Market Research, Production of communication (Print, Digital, Display)

In Creating campaigns, e.g.:
Campaign Development, Development of sales materials, Consumer & HCP Communication

Reach out to us!

We are committed to find your personal Sellution.

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